We aim for all colleagues attending Healthwatch Week to have an enjoyable and inclusive experience and with this year’s event being held online, we will deliver Healthwatch Week sessions via both Microsoft Teams, with Keynote sessions (10.15-11.15 each day) and some selected sessions being delivered on Zoom
Accessibility Overview for Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams has a wide range of products to support bespoke accessibility requirements, ranging from using screen readers, like Narrator and JAWS, to closed captions. For full details of how Teams can work for you follow the link here
Microsoft Teams is compatible with assistive technologies, such as:
  • Screen readers
  • Dictation software
  • Eye control (on Windows 10)
  • Voice control (on iOS and Android)
  • Screen magnifiers
  • Switch access (on iOS and Android)
Any session that includes materials such as slides or videos will be made available in alternative formats, upon request.

Further information on Microsoft Teams and Accessibility
  • Accessibility Support: For full information on Microsoft Accessibility support please click here.
  • Microsoft Accessibility Answer Desk: For full information and support videos, click here
  • Using a screen reader to join a Teams meeting: For details on how to join using screen readers, click here
Further information on Zoom accessibility
Zoom has a range of accessible options, please go to the following links for more information
  • For an overview of Zoom accessibility, please click here
  • FAQ’s for Zoom, please click here

Do you have any additional questions?
Feel free to contact the Healthwatch Week Team if you have any specific accessibility queries:  [email protected]  

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