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Reshaping the Africa Tax Agenda

Sawubona, Jambo, Ekaabo, and a big welcome to the 2020 EY Africa Tax Summit.
Before COVID-19, African governments were focused on changing the tax narrative in reaction to dwindling tax receipts and preparation for the emerging changes to existing international tax order.  In addition, trading under the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) was to commence on 1 July 2020, ushering in a new age of economic cooperation through a common market of more than 1.2 billion consumers.  AfCFTA implementation is now suspended until 2021.​

As African governments continue to grapple with the health and negative economic impacts of COVID-19, and businesses try to contain, manage, and rebuild their finances, operations, and supply chains, there lies opportunities for tax administrations and the tax profession to collaborate and address needed reforms to tax policies, the role of digitization and technology in enhancing the interaction between tax administrators and taxpayers, and prepare Africa to take advantage of the inevitable shift in trade routes. ​
Our virtual event on 27-28 August 2020 will focus on the intersections of tax, trade and COVID-19 in Africa and how tax policy can adapt through and beyond the health pandemic.​ The two-day interactive event will feature speakers from business, government, multilateral organisations and EY subject-matter professionals from and beyond Africa. On-demand technical breakout sessions on key tax policy updates from countries across the continent will also be available.
Join us.

Larry Eyinla 
Africa Tax Leader