INTERREG IVC's Interregional Good Practice Fair

Park Inn Krakow, Poland — 24 November 2011

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MKW exploits ideas and fosters smart, sustainable growth by exchanging experience. It bridges the gap between research results and business commercialisation. The project video presents not only the project, but also three good practices: VIB Life Sciences Research Centre, Flanders (BE); Creative Conversion Factory, Brainport Eindhoven (NL); and Alto Design Factory, Helsinki Region (FI).

INTERREG IVC Cinema: INNOPOLIS (Innovative City)

INNOPOLIS identifies regional best policy practice in the field of knowledge exchange between universities and enterprises. It focuses on university city-regions. "Innovative City" is a joint development programme financed by the City of Helsinki and the Aalto University. Its objective is to catalyse public and private R&D cooperation to create sustainable urban innovations. The programme was launched in 2001 and has since initiated 36 R&D projects.


INNOPOLIS identifies regional best policy practice in the field of knowledge exchange between universities and enterprises. It focuses on university city-regions. The Manchester Metropolital University good practice "Incubator" Manchester focuses on the use of infrastructure.

INTERREG IVC Cinema: Know-Man

Know-Man aims at developing instruments for a regional knowledge network management between public authorities, research institutes and technology parks. It focuses on supporting start-ups in launching their knowledge-intensive business. This video focuses on the Wroclaw Technology Park’s (PL) experience.


ENSPIRE EU focuses on the development of an European entrepreneurial mindset, as well as development and promotion of entrepreneurial inspiration, it's mainstreaming and durability into the regional policy sphere and structural funds system.

INTERREG IVC Cinema: SolidarCity

SolidarCity addresses local employment development policies, which are extremely important for European regional and local communities. The partnership intends to create more jobs and make the local labour market more attractive. Partners are working together on the development of a joint strategy and appropriate measures that could increase local employment rate.

INTERREG IVC Cinema: MINI EUROPE (Summer Entrepreneur)

MINI EUROPE aims to exchange and improve regional policies in SME development, focusing on the main themes of providing infrastructure for innovation for SMEs and promoting entrepreneurship. The good practice "ZomerOndernemer" is a project where youngsters can start their own company during the summer holidays.

INTERREG IVC Cinema: PEOPLE (OnsNet Nuenen)

PEOPLE is a mini-programme aiming to explore opportunities for new forms of employment and for improving well-being and cohesion in the context of demographic and societal changes. The good practice "OnsNet Nuenen" comes from Nuenen, in the province of North Brabant, where all the houses, schools, churches, care-institutes are connected with a fibre-optic network.

INTERREG IVC Cinema: PROSESC (Stuttgart Electric Mobility Pilot Region)

PROSESC helps Europe to reach its competitiveness and sustainability targets by raising innovativeness in and across automotive and services sectors through improved regional policy making. The project focuses on services such as product-design, R&D, engineering and IT, and specialized logistics. "Stuttgart Electric Mobility Pilot Region" is an initiative that will raise the public profile of electric drive transportation, explore electric drive technologies and ultimately, accelerate the launch of electric vehicles on the mass market.


The Green and Blue Space Adaptation for Urban Areas and Eco Towns (GRaBS) project aims to improve the regional decision and policy making process in relation to the planning and development of new and existing urban areas in eight EU member states in the context of climate change.


Regions for Sustainable Change (RSC) is a partnership of 12 organisations from eight EU member states. Through regional cooperation, the project aims at promoting an EU-wide shift to climate-friendly economies and seeks to identify opportunities for, and the costs and effects of, moving to a low-carbon economy.

INTERREG IVC Cinema: LoCaRe (Asturias, ES)

LoCaRe - Low Carbon Economy Regions develops low carbon solutions at regional/local level and contributes to economic growth. The international conference “Climate Change and Sustainable Energy” organised in Asturias (Spain) gave an opportunity to meet actors from public administrations with others from the industry, municipalities, academic and civil society. The site visit to a Concentrated Solar Panels factory and to a Pilot Carbon Capture Plant demonstrated how the fight against climate change can give opportunities for innovation, economic activity and job creation in the regions.

INTERREG IVC Cinema: LoCaRe (Southern Denmark)

LoCaRe - Low Carbon Economy Regions develops low carbon solutions at regional/local level and contributes to economic growth. Why capture CO2? And how? Do we have to store CO2 or do we need to recycle it? LoCaRe workshop and site visit in Southern Denmark in April 2011 tried to provide some answers to these questions.


The RETS project (Renewable Energies Transfer System) tackles the challenges of renewable energies for local and regional authorities (in particular those with less than 25,000 inhabitants) in association with the expertise of existing competency centres that produce research, provide services, and use competitive intelligence tools on renewable energies.


The MORE4NRG project aims to strengthen the delivery of regional strategies for renewable energy sources and energy efficiency by exchanging best practices on sustainable energy policies and jointly developing an integrated monitoring tool for measuring the effect of regional sustainable energy strategies.

INTERREG IVC Cinema: POWER (Gotland)

POWER is a mini-programme joining seven European regions with the aim to share their experience on how best to move towards low carbon economies. Gotland is a partner in the Trisco Project funded under POWER mini-programme, and is an example of an island who has taken the decision to become an ecologically sustainable society within the course of a generation. In Gotland, Sweden's biggest island, environmental issues have always been of central importance. Being close to the sea, the soil, the meadows and the forest leads to a solid commitment to the environment.


Abloy manager’s view on the Agemaster programme

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Dirk Ahner

Dirk Ahner confirmed as speaker

Representing the European Commission, Dirk Ahner will be part of the opening panel at the Good Practice Fair. Dirk has been Director-General of Regional Policy since January 2007.

Registration now open!

It is now possible to register your interest to attend the Good Practice Fair in Krakow! Registration will remain open until 11 November 2011. Participation is limited to 300 people, therefore to ensure a good balance, registration will be confirmed within 3 working days. Registration Request Form

Networking and exhibition fair

Alongside the thematic workshops, participants will also have the opportunity to visit and network in the Good Practice Exhibition Fair. Organised around key themes, participants will see the good practices from a large range of INTERREG IVC projects, discuss with the project implementers and get the information they need if they are interested in bringing a good practice 'home'.

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1a / EURIS / Hight Tech Campus Eindhoven, hotspot for Open Innovation

Raf Sluismans, Programme Manager, Brainport Development NV (NL)

1a / CLIQ / Kangas and approach to Quadruple Helix

Laura Ahonen, EU Officer, City of Jyväskylä (FI)

1a / RAPIDE / Pre commercial procurement

Melinda Mátrai, Project Manager, Észak-Alföld Regional Development Agency (EARDA) (HU)

1a / Introduction to the workshop Making innovation work in your region

Benoit Dalbert, Project Officer, INTERREG IVC

Thorsten Kohlisch, IP Coordinator and Project Adviser, INTERREG IVC

1b / B-TEAM / Experimental laboratory, Brownfield Soil Remediation Techniques

Sabine Kalke, European Network Project Manager, Belfast City Council (UK)

1b / Introduction to the workshop Smart use of waste lands

Erika Fulgenzi, Project Officer, INTERREG IVC

Akos Szabo, Project and Communication Adviser, INTERREG IVC

1b / SUSTAIN / Organic waste as a surfacing material

Xenia I. Loizidou, Project Expert, Kouklia Community Council (CY)

1b / SufalNet4EU / SufalNet4EU in Wielkopolska

SufalNet4EU / SufalNet4EU in the Wielkopolska Region

Rene Beijnen, Project Coordinator, Province of Noord-Brabant (NL)

2a / IMAGEEN / Munich Business Plan Competition

William Carslaw, Enterprise Adviser, Birmingham Chamber of Commerce (UK)

2a / PROSPECTS / CleantechCampus

Paul Boutsen, City of Houthalen-Helchteren (BE)

2a / PASE / Regional programme for social and solidarity economy

Hervé Plisson, Head of Regional Employment Mission, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region (FR)

2a / Introduction to the workshop Boosting enterpreneurship to boost employment

Manuel Gonzalez, Project Adviser, INTERREG IVC

Petra Geitner, Senior Finance Officer, INTERREG IVC

2b / More4NRG Soap on tap

Karin Maatje, Project Manager, Provincie Flevoland (NL)

2b / FRESH / Mera building concept

Vesa Ijäs, Development Manager, Lahti Science and Business Park (FI)

2b / POWER / Regional energy plan

Agata Wesołowska, Regional Correspondent, Marshal Office of the Małopolska Region (PL)

2b / RENREN / Biomass valorisation

Carlos Serra, Energy Agency of Andalucía (ES)

2b / Introduction to the workshop Maximising regional energy efficiency

Johanna Bahn, Finance Officer, INTERREG IVC

Elisa Milos, Finance Officer, INTERREG IVC

3a / DART / Abloy's Agermaster Programme

Eeva Hirvola-Kostamo, Communications Manager, Abloy Oy (FI)

3a / PEOPLE / Ons Net Nuenen

Kees Rovers, Director, Close the Gap, Nuenen & Gerwen & Nederwetten (NL)

3a / PADIMA / Move to the mountain region-Hedmark, Norway

Ancuta Pasca, Project Officer, European association of mountain areas, Brussels (BE)

3a / Introduction to the workshop Facing demographic change - deactivating the ticking bomb

Petra Polaskova, Communication Adviser, INTERREG IVC

Zornitsa Tsoneva, Project and Communication Adviser, INTERREG IVC

3b / RSC / Prioritisation of Actions for a low Carbon Economy – The PACE Tool

Lisa Goodall, Project Delivery Officer, Low Carbon Team, Cornwall Development Company (UK)

3b / Introduction to the workshop Tackling climate change

Stefania Amorosi, Finance Officer, INTERREG IVC

Elena Ferario, Project Officer, INTERREG IVC

3b / ClimactRegions / Regional energy and greenhouse gas observatories: a knowledge tool for territories

Etienne Vienot, Project Manager, Rhônalpénergie-Environnement (FR)

3b / GRaBS / Green Points System and Sutton commmunity participation game

Diane Smith, European Manager, Town and Country Planning Association & Jeff Wilson, Head of Strategic Planning, London Borough of Sutton (UK)

Summary and conclusions

Thomas Spriet, Managing Authority, Nord-Pas de Calais Region

Project posters

27 project posters used during the  exibition

Report on INTERREG IVC Good Practice Fair 2011

Detailed report and evaluation of the event
INTERREG IVC Good Practice Fair 2011

First INTERREG IVC Good Practice Fair

Over 220 policy-makers and practitioners from all over Europe attended the first INTERREG IVC Good Practice Fair, which was organised in Krakow on 24 November 2011. During the intensive one-day event participants shared experiences and were encouraged to take up good practices identified or transferred within interregional cooperation projects. 27 projects representing over 270 institutions from all over Europe were present in the exhibition area.

INTERREG IVC Good Practice Fair

Report and video on the first INTERREG IVC Good Practice Fair 2011

A detailed report and video from the INTERREG IVC Good Practice Fair 2011, which was organised on 24 November in Krakow (Poland) are available online here:


Networking dinner

Networking dinner map

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