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Innovation Realized 17

Radical growth in a digital world

Third annual exclusive retreat for corporate executives and disruptive entrepreneurs
Convened by EY in collaboration with C2

Innovation Realized revolutionizes the corporate retreat, to help you envision a new, digitally driven future for your organization. This two-day retreat presents a uniquely creative, dynamic, and interactive environment in which to explore innovation, collaboration and growth in a digital world. Few game-changing ideas have ever emerged from the 23rd row of a conference hall.

So, EY has teamed up with the creative minds at C2, which was founded by Cirque de Soleil and Sid Lee, to ensure that Innovation Realized is designed for digital disruption: no lectures, talking heads, or interminable decks. Instead participants are invited to open their minds and shift their perspective: 
  • Sharing their own insights, experiences and challenges 
  • Interacting with innovative pioneers and corporate catalysts
  • Experiencing emerging technologies from disruptive entrepreneurs
Innovation Realized will explore today’s most urgent business challenges:
  • Exploiting the upside of disruptive innovation to power radical growth
  • The threats and opportunities of superfluid, disintermediated digital markets
  • Digital sophistication in a global village – evolving networks, ecosystems and platforms
  • Disruption and delivery – how better questions can accelerate activation and drive results
Leaders in every sector now face disruption of unprecedented scale, speed and complexity, but too often the daily demands of management crowd out strategic, creative thinking.

What happens when innovative disruption is the approach, not just the agenda?

Hands-on, peer-to-peer and entirely digital - Innovation Realized is:

"When we get into spectacularly different situations, that's how we get disruptive ideas."

Hal Gregersen
Executive Director, MIT Leadership Center

Innovation Realized 17: the experience continues

The agenda

Monday, 24 AprilTuesday, 25 April

Monday, 24 April

0800Registration and welcome breakfast
0915Welcome and opening
1030Discussion segment 1: Disruption readiness - exploiting the upside of disruptive innovation to power radical growth
1120Discussion segment 2: Redefining how to reach your customer
1215Disruptive Technology Showcase – start-up presentations
1230Brain dates
1340Disruptive Technology Showcase – start-up presentations
1355Discussion segment 3: Superfluid markets – the implications of frictionless commerce
1510The Lab: Integrating from the outside in
1710Disruptive Technology Showcase – start-up presentations
1725Appetite for Innovation - Creativity and Change at elBulli
1800Brain dates and reception

Tuesday, 25 April

0830Day Two: Kick-off
0855Unlocking unknown unknowns – before it’s too late
1025Disruptive Technology Showcase – start-up presentations
1045Brain dates
1125The Lab – Challenges
1315Brain dates
1415Operating in a global digital world
1500What’s after, what’s next and how do you connect the dots?
1545Moving from incremental innovation and moderate growth to disruptive innovation and radical growth
1630Final act
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#digital #smarthospital #betterquestions #ey

RT @EYnews: The consumer of tomorrow will be #data and #tech smart. What must #retail businesses do to win the future #consumer? https://t.…

RT @EY_India: Discover how emerging #digital technologies provide new ways of tackling old problems. #BetterQuestions

The venue

Old Navy Yard, Alameda transformed

The former US Naval Airbase, with its panoramic views across the bay, is our location for innovative and disruptive ideas to take off.

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The accommodation

Join us at W San Francisco, an electric urban retreat in the heart of the Soma District. Absorb the energy of the city.

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