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Bill Lucas


Bill is not only a sought after speaker, facilitator and strategist but an expert in lifelong learning, change, communication, leadership and the operation of the mind.

Bill is the author and co-author of more than 50 books. Recent titles include Power Up Your Mind; Learn Faster Work Smarter; The Creative Thinking Plan; How to Generate Ideas and Solve Problems In Your Life and Work (with Guy Claxton); and Discover Your Hidden Talents: The Essential Guide to Lifelong Learning. 

Bill is Co-Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning at the University of Winchester and also Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Surrey's School of Management. This follows a number of academic distinctions, including an honorary doctorate from De Montfort University in recognition of his distinguished contribution to lifelong learning and a Guardian Jerwood award for the outstanding quality of his leadership. 

He is a patron of the Campaign for Learning with Philip Pullman of Pegasus Theatre in Oxford. He is also Chairman of the not-for-profit organisation, The Talent Foundation and a trustee of The English Project.

Facilitator for The Event App conference.

Toby Lewis

Chief Executive

With nearly 10,000 live shows under his belt, Toby understands the dynamics of events, which is essential in his leadership of The Live Group plc.

He took the reigns as Group Managing Director of The Live Group in January 2007 and is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day management and operations of the company across the UK. He drives business growth and ensures that the Group remains the industry’s leading provider of fully integrated event communications. 

Toby has worked his way up through the technical side of event management, including directing event-based videos. He remains a hands-on Show Director for the more complex client events and those using the Group’s GreenGageLive technology of digitally joining groups of people together over the Internet. 

Toby’s vision and drive in the events arena has lead to the development of many new Group support services, brands and products, including VisuaLive, LiveInteractive, VenuesLive and the newly launched GreenGageLive. 

Toby is an accredited Chartered Director.


Workshop I - An insight into digital event technology including a review of Bluetooth Low Energy beacons.

Workshop III - Hands-on demo and discussion of Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

Rob Stanbridge

Head of Sustainable Events

Robert Stanbridge has worked for the Live Group for nine years. He became The Live Group’s Head of Online and Sustainable Events after having spent five years working as Head of Production. During the past 18 months Robert has spearheaded our growing expertise in the use of online engagement using our GreenGagelive systems, which he helped develop with our IT team to extend the life of an event, giving greater returns on investment in terms of the quality of debate and learning, a greater sharing of best practice and a vastly enhance evaluation capability. 

Workshop II - An overview of event technology including delegate registration systems, mobile event apps, interactive voting and audience engagement systems.

Workshop IV - Get involved in exploring event technology. Discuss, ask and engage.

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