CWD 2021

CWD 2021...

…is an invaluable opportunity for those committed to the global elimination of chemical weapons.

After careful consideration, for the safety of our delegates, we have decided to hold CWD 2021 as a virtual event on 2-4 November 2021. Whilst, of course, disappointed that we are not able to come together in person for the second year running, we are extremely excited about the new opportunities opening up as we move to a virtual platform.

CWD 2021 will no doubt be a different experience, but we are confident that it will still offer a valuable opportunity to exchange information. We are very much looking forward to hosting you at the virtual event in the autumn, and finally seeing you all in person at CWD in May 2022. 

The CWD Conference is organised by Dstl, the science inside UK defence and security, on behalf of the Ministry of Defence, to promote cooperation and collaborative working to achieve a future free from chemical weapons.

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