Theme 1 – Putting the Customer at the Heart of all that we do

This theme will investigate where ISS has already put the principles of customer-centricity and maximising the customer experience into practice, the successes and achievements delivered to date and the challenges faced in doing that and our future challenges. During the Symposium we will explore that including through the following areas:

  1. Putting customer at the heart of all we do including through customer centric design and the additional challenges when there is only a single defence provider;
  2. Ideas and actions, learning from external organisations and highlighting what Defence customers are entitled to and can expect of ISS as the provider;
  3. Organisational Exploitation – maximising organisational capability for the best effect of Defence customers in the Home and Operational Spaces.
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Theme 2 – Delivering Operations

The theme will investigate the emerging complexity of the 21st century operating environment and will challenge traditional means of delivering MOD ICT capability and operational decision-making.  This Symposium theme will include:

  1. The 21st century operating environment and emerging threat.
  2. Service operations through customer focussed delivery.
  3. Transforming MOD service and secuity management through a new enterprise approach.
  4. Cyber – the new front line.
  5. A demonstration of a new cyber capability.
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Theme 3 – Masters of our own Destiny (MoooD)

This theme will investigate the impact of being ‘Masters of our own Destiny’ and the challenges around insourcing the capability we require, by drawing on the experiences of those in industry who have taken the same journey that we have embarked upon. During the Symposium we will explore that rationalisation behind the DaaP including the following areas:

  1. Big Data does not need Big Industry;
  2. Is there a place for Enterprise Architecture in an Evergreen Cloud Solution?
  3. Internal Applications Development – what are the benefits and can it be maintained in-house?
  4. The challenges of insourcing and maintaining a stable Design Authority capability
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Theme 4 – Contracting for Outcomes

During the Symposium we will look in to what Defence means by contracting for outcomes, how we may achieve it, where it has worked before and what has MOD Information Systems and Services (ISS) learnt so far. This Theme will include exploration of the following areas:

  1. Recognising the talented supplier in the marketplace, their (best) products and how we bring them forward to the customer in a timely and cost effective fashion;
  2. Use Subject Matter Experts to highlight good practice and how defence can benefit and use this experience;
  3. Where next for ISS, how do we take this contracting approach forward from concept to delivery?
  4. Present and explore options as to how to achieve Value-based Defence outcomes and discuss the contracting mechanisms required in delivering them.

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Theme 5 – Driving Technology and Innovation

Through the Symposium we will explore not only how Defence drives technology and innovation, but how it is able utilise it at the cutting edge as a force for good.  We will do this through exploring different areas including the following:

  1. What does the future hold, can Defence grasp the opportunities?
  2. Linking internal and external technical research and innovation for the benefit of the end user;
  3. Where next?  Where does industry think we should be driving technology and innovation?
  4. Highlighting the significant opportunities to understand and exploit the Small, Medium Enterprise marketplace and the ISS commitment to do this in an agile and pacey fashion to achieve the best effect for customers.

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