Building on the successes of the 2015 event which urged industry to step-up to the challenges of delivering Defence as a Platform Base, the 2016 Symposium heralded the new dawn of Defence as a Platform (DaaP) Future. Revolutionising Defence and providing a myriad of opportunities for both customers and industry partners, the Symposium presented the concept and provided ample opportunity to discuss and challenge perceptions. 

The Symposium was filled with engaging, interactive and thought provoking sessions, led by inspirational speakers in a mix of showcase Plenary sessions and more detailed Theme sessions. It brought together government and industry delegates to network, share and collaborate, in a fun and challenging environment. Industry delegates showcased new and emerging technologies that challenged and inspired.

Specific Themes topics are:

•    Theme 1: Putting Customers at the Heart of all we do
•    Theme 2: Delivering Operations
•    Theme 3: Masters of our own Destiny
•    Theme 4: Contracting for Outcomes
•    Theme 5: Driving Technology and Innovation

A Synopsis for each of these can be found here.  

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