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Enough is enough

Businesses today accept that the inevitability of a hacker attack is just a fact of daily life. Somewhere, at some point, hackers will get in, according to current digital-world folklore; it’s just a case of when. And when they do, they’ll play havoc with your data, your applications, your ability to function, and your public reputation. That was then; before Cb Defense, from Carbon Black.

Yesterday’s antivirus protection can’t stop tomorrow’s attack.

Hackers constantly find their way round traditional AV protection because machine learning is insufficient to adapt to their sophisticated routes in, particularly through an organisation’s endpoints. Now, the organisation can be just as sophisticated.

Coming to a city near you

Carbon Black’s Beyond AV Tour is for security and IT professionals who realise that one-off, localised precautions do not repel a tide and Point-in-Time Prevention (yesterday’s AntiVirus practice) leaves heaps of time in-between for attacks to compromise your system.


Places on the tour are complimentary but demand is building fast so register your place now.

Guest Speaker - Chris Phillips - Security Strategist and Counter Terrorism Expert

Inside and out: The inescapable threat to your business and how to prevent the insider attack. 

Carbon Black’s Beyond AV Tour is not for the faint-hearted. Our guest speaker, Chris Phillips has been on the front line combatting security dangers for over 30 years. He will be sharing insights around the everywhere threat to business that comes not just from the outside, and not just through cyberspace.

Threats can come from insiders, and often require insider collusion. Attacks designed to disrupt your systems, damage your data and generally cause information mayhem can come from disgruntled employees. Similar results can come about through innocent mistakes. The chilling fact is, they will come. Chris will discuss threat factors in their many dimensions and set the scene for holistic security measures across the physical, cultural, and technological domains.



Stop The Most Attacks

Cb Defense's breakthrough technology, 'Streaming Prevention' doenst just stop malware - it stops dangerous non-malware attacks too.


Keep Your Users Happy.

Delivered from the cloud and designed to be lightweight, your end users won't even notice it.


Take Back Control

Simple visual dashboards help you hunt down attackers, understand their objectives and close security gaps quickly.