Supporting your clients through automatic enrolment

Date: 6 October 2016  |  Time: 14:00 - 15:15


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  • Pension scams are devastating - savers can lose everything. Anyone can fall victim, no matter how savvy they are. Advise your employees to be #ScamSmart and reject cold calls/high-pressure tactics. https://t.co/bxv7yhGNVw https://t.co/EIWq76JJhL
  • Over 5 million people could be tempted by common pension scam tactics. Take our #ScamSmart quiz to see if you can spot the signs: https://t.co/eZldqVO3Em https://t.co/Z38gSnE9Tu
  • RT @YourMoneyAdvice: Scammers use all the tricks in the book to steal your pension. Take this quiz to be #ScamSmart and learn how to spot t…
  • Many small schemes are not meeting the governance standards we expect. All savers deserve the best – that’s why we’ve outlined plans to consolidate badly run schemes. Have your say before 24 September https://t.co/MLj4Se6l29 https://t.co/qNiykztda9
  • Educate your employees about the warning signs of a pension scam – talk of legal loopholes, cashback and unusual investments are all tactics scammers use. Encourage your employees to be #ScamSmart with their pensions. https://t.co/rIATsisVSB https://t.co/OutuJksycm

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