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  • An exciting opportunity has arisen as part of our Operations leadership team. If you have excellent stakeholder management experience at a senior level, we look forward to hearing from you. For more information and to apply: https://t.co/jHputoyTsR https://t.co/NOLg8EF0sw
  • The best recipes need careful planning and preparation... and so does making sure the food you serve friends is safe to eat. Always check chicken is cooked thoroughly before serving to avoid #FoodPoisoning https://t.co/rU12ZohOoK https://t.co/1Pi2z2tY3b
  • @FinchamAidan @CostaCoffee Hi Aidan, you can let your local authority know if you have a concern here: https://t.co/hNyWKr5maO Thanks, NM
  • @ronan__conlon Food businesses must ensure food is safe, this may involve temperature control during transport to the delivery point. Consider changing delivery or using a cool box? If you have concerns about the business contact the local authority https://t.co/NkkHNWTfYh Thanks
  • @Groundhogdaze1 Hello, our colleagues @DefraGovUK will be able to advise you on this, as labelling falls under their remit. Thanks, MC

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