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  • We want everyone to feel confident that the food they buy is safe to eat. Sign up for our alerts so you can be first to know if we're recalling a product because of undeclared allergens or harmful bacteria: https://t.co/rVnHDpPwwZ #ProtectingYourPlate https://t.co/na80NxekPs
  • @greenyenergy nutrition labelling is the responsibility of the department of health and social care. However we have responsibility for allergen labelling. Hope that's useful. GA
  • Do you know the difference between pasteurised and unpasteurised milk? Find out from our FSA expert Narriman Looch here: https://t.co/lyNhTID1IC #RawMilk #FSAExplains https://t.co/AvlKb7pK2J
  • @AlikhanShaukat @marksandspencer Here's some useful information on 'Best before' and 'Use by' dates to help understand why it's important not to eat anything pas it's 'Use by' date: https://t.co/hnDwpJxnk0 Regards SJB
  • @AlikhanShaukat @marksandspencer No, this should not be sold if it is past its 'Use By' date. If you don't get a satisfactory response from M&S you can make an online report here: https://t.co/SQMJ0viku2 Regards SJB

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