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Creating trust in volatile times

Ben Taylor
, EY

In a changing and increasingly complex environment, where society and investors increasingly press companies to explain how they create value for all stakeholders, not only shareholders, it is vital to build trust through robust reporting,  This session will cover the changing external requirements of reporting, including the rapid shift towards ESG and climate disclosures.  We will look at how leading companies translate their purpose and their commitments into their reporting, and what the pitfalls are in the world of non-financial reporting.

IFRS Developments

Rika Suzuki, IASB, Richard Moore, EY and Pieter Dekker, EY

Hear directly from the IASB and EY on the IASB agenda and developments in accounting standards.

US financial reporting developments

Steven C. Jacobs, EY and Adam Dufour, EY

From our US Capital Markets practice, our Washington based Partner and London based Associate Partner will discuss developments and points of focus of the key US standard setters and regulators, including the SEC, FASB, and PCAOB, they have seen in the last year. The discussion will cover current standard setting and rulemaking, trends in SEC staff comments, as well as emerging rulemaking areas.

Internal controls regulation: what will 2021 bring?

Dan Feather, EY and Ilaria Lavalle Miller, EY

Hear from our internal controls team on the potential UK SOX legislation and the resulting change in Directors’ accountability. They will also share insights on findings from our recent health checks across UK corporates.

Narrative reporting trends

Mala Shah-Coulon, EY and Maria Kepa, EY

How well have FTSE 350 companies reported in the first cycle of applying the 2018 UK Corporate Governance Code? What work remains to move the dial from 'intent to action' to demonstrate that companies are not just paying lip service? How has COVID-19 impacted investor, stakeholder and regulatory expectations and what have companies disclosed in response? Join this session led by EY’s Corporate Governance team to find out as you plan for your 2020/21 reporting cycle.

COVID-19: Finance's role in managing contract risks and uncertainties

Maggie Stilwell, EY

COVID-19 has caused enormous upheaval for businesses in meeting their contractual obligations. Hear from Maggie Stilwell, Partner in Claims & Disputes, on the issues emerging and their implications in terms of practical steps which can be taken.

Priorities for boards beyond COVID-19: Demystifying Corporate Stewardship

Catherine Howarth, CEO ShareAction Julie Carlyle, EY Loree Gourley, EY

What is driving investor investment decisions and how can corporate boards prepare for change? At a time of unprecedented disruption, investor stewardship has taken on increased importance and accelerated the need for corporates’ boards to responsibly respond to the largest systemic risks of our time; to Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance. Hear first-hand how today’s investors prioritise their capital allocation and how boards can prepare for change. Join this session led by EY’s UK Centre for Board Matters.

Mental resilience: adapting to a new reality

Gareth Thomas, Welsh Rugby legend

Wales’ most capped rugby player discusses how to build mental strength in times of adversity, including dealing with emotions and changed circumstances. Gareth also talks about his success on the field and the hurdles he has had to overcome, sharing his personal experiences of mental health.

The path to success: EY Entrepreneur of the Year™

Rosaleen Blair, CBE, Founder and Chair, Alexander Mann Solutions (AMS)

Hear from Rosaleen Blair, CBE, a winner of the prestigious EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ about her journey to success. Rosaleen will share her experiences, discussing how she got to where she is today and what she has learned along the way.

Since it first launched in the UK more than 20 years ago, the Entrepreneur Of The Year™ UK programme has been recognising successful entrepreneurs making a positive impact on their society and the economy, and the legacies they are building. 

Succeeding in a virtual world

Clare Thompson, EY

One of EY’s most experienced executive coaches shares practical, easy-to-execute tips for working in a semi-locked down world. Drawing on Neuro-Linguistic Programming and neuroscience, how can you increase your personal influence, make better connections and create inclusive team environments?  Also, as some return to offices while others continue to work from home, what are the new etiquettes for asynchronous working?

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