Viewing Live Group Live Streams

Please ensure that you have enough bandwidth to view the stream. Run a test at the Speedtest website or using We recommend viewing the stream from a wired connection with a download bandwidth of at least 6Mbps. Please note that bandwidth does fluctuate - especially on WiFi and mobile internet, so running 3 tests is advisable.

Please ensure you have disabled any Adblockers you may use on your browser.

You can test your ability to watch live streamed content by viewing a similar content stream such as YouTube live.

In the event the stream stops, please refresh your page. If the video becomes 'choppy' or suffers from stuttering audio, please select a lower quality stream by clicking the cog wheel in the lower left of the video player.

Try clearing your browsers cache. Instructions on how to do this can be found by clicking here.

If you are not hearing sound, please ensure that you have a sound card installed on your machine and that your speakers and/or headphones are connected to it. Finally please ensure that your sound is not muted through your operating system.

Please ensure that your display resolution is supports 1280 x 720 or higher for the best viewing experience.

The webcast does not load

We recommend Google Chrome for the best viewing experience, although our streams should load in all major browsers. Clearing your cache and refreshing the page should help in most instances. To clear your cache, follow the guide here. Please ensure that your web browser isn't blocking javascript. You can try to enable javascript on your device by following the guide here.

The webcast is blurry or jitters

In order to serve webinar content to a range of home connection types, we broadcast our streams at multiple quality levels. If your internet speed supports it, you'll connect automatically to the full HD stream, otherwise you'll connect to a poorer quality stream suitable for your connection. You can manually change the quality using the 'HD' buttom in the bottom right of the player. If the webcast is jittering for you, you may need to manually select a lower quality using the 'HD' button. You can improve the quality of the stream by closing other tabs, browsers or applications that may be using your internet connection.

I can't hear anything

Please ensure that your system volume is turned up and that your headphones or speakers are connected to your computer. If you're hearing audio from the computer and not the stream, please ensure that the stream isn't muted by clicking the speaker icon in the bottom right of the player or opening your system volume mixer and unmuting your browser.

Further help

For further assistance, please email [email protected]

The above player lets you test your ability to watch live streamed content. Please note, some internet systems may block YouTube live content, this does not mean you'll be unable to view our streams.

The above player lets you test your ability to load in our players.