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07:15 - 08:00

QBE - Rise and Shine Yoga Flow, on the main stage

Energising yoga flow to set you up for the day.

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Press Conference

By invitation only

08:30 - 15:45

Explore the Festival Floor

09:30 - 09:45

Live on the main stage – Welcome note by John Ludlow, Airmic CEO

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09:45 - 10:45

Live on the main stage - Panel Discussion ‘No Going Back - Rethinking Business and Society’

There is no going back

No one can predict what the future holds. Previous long-term planning strategies are academic at best - useless at worst.

As we begin a challenging process of recovery, insurance companies will need to build their resilience for the future factoring the highest risk factors and based on extreme scenario planning - including a repeat performance of what we didn’t think could happen… but then did. Technology has and will continue to undoubtedly play a key part in addressing immediate needs around connectivity, cost reduction, unlocking potential efficiencies and driving adaptability.

The period ahead will challenge leaders further to make yet more rapid (and often difficult) decisions. Leadership teams will need to come together to take a holistic view of their operations and make decisions based on data and insight that will drive their own recovery and contribute to that of the economy as a whole.

We would like you to join us in discussing your views on the challenges that you have faced, your response and your perception of the future.

Our workplace has changed

The urgency created by recent events acted as a catalyst to faster executive decision-making and action, driven by the need to protect people and maintain continuity. When it mattered most we all mobilised millions of people to work differently, transferring thousands of front-line people to remote working at speed.

The priority has been to continue serving customers seamlessly and to support those facing difficulty in the face of rapidly changing commercial and personal circumstances. Previous preconceptions about remote working have been challenged and you will undoubtedly be considering how you can sustain the positive changes driven by the crisis response. Now, as we turn our minds to recovery, one thing is certain.

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Dr Peter CheeseSteve CollinsonRichard HoultCathy MulliganKate RoyManan Sagar
10:45 - 11:30

Comfort Break and explore the Festival Floor

Choose one On Demand Session to view, watch the video first then join the Q&A after

11:30 - 12:45

A1: Ensuring resilience through partnership in managing large claims

You have just taken the call you’d never want to receive.... Your business has experienced a severe loss and it’s going to be down for months. What do you do first? Will your insurance respond? How can you manage your Board’s expectations? This workshop will give you the answers you need!

Hosted by FM Global, MDD & Cory Energy
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A2: Warranty & Indemnity Insurance – If we’d known then what we know now

First-hand insights from a panel of specialists in Warranty & Indemnity insurance on their experience of claims and the claims handling process. Including case examples of types of claims advanced and trends in the market, along with suggestions on how to optimise future insurance coverage and maximise claims process efficiencies

Hosted by: Baker Tilly, AIG & Gallagher

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A3: The rise of the ‘pandemic’ fraudster – fighting the war on fraud

Facing an increasingly challenging and evolving environment, COVID-19 is already presenting fraudsters with new opportunities. Quick to adapt scams with their agility and increasing sophistication makes it even more difficult to predict and prevent fraud.  Our session will help you identify and mitigate the rise of the ‘pandemic’ fraudster

Hosted by: RSA & Crawford

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A4: Protect your company from the political risk aftershocks of COVID-19

Uncertainties in the political landscape have reached levels not seen for decades. Flashpoints include China’s relations with the West, trade tensions, ‘populist’ politics, and economic crises in emerging markets. We'll review the political risk aftershocks of COVID-19 and explore the art and science of political risk management and insurance

Hosted by: Willis Towers Watson

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A5: Your Risk Management Journey from Best Practice to Next Practice

How can technology transform risk data into valuable information for your organisation? We will highlight the importance of creating reporting capabilities as well as providing an understanding of how data can be effectively transformed to create value and empower departments to make well informed, critical business decisions

Hosted by: Riskonnect & Arthur D. Little

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A6: International programme pricing - just don't forget about tax

IPT compliance is a consequence of insurance transactions, not a driver, however differing global programme structures impact both IPT costs, and who bears responsibility for their settlement.  Our workshop will highlight the consequences of differing programme structures including Types of Tax; Cost; and Roles and responsibilities

Hosted by: TMF

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A7: The perfect storm: how to weather the D&O market

It’s been a tumultuous year. Pre-Covid 19 a significant market hardening saw increased D&O premiums and restricted coverage. Now the landscape is even more complex. Join us to discuss the impact of recent events on underwriters’ view of risk and the practical steps to smooth the path to policy renewal

Hosted by: Chubb & Lockton

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A8: Facing the Heat: Climate Change

Climate change presents both challenges and opportunities for business and risk managers across all sectors. Join us on a journey which will explore this complex risk landscape and discuss how businesses can futureproof their operations

Hosted by: Travelers & Herbert Smith Freehills

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12:45 - 14:00

Lunch & Explore the Festival Floor

12:50 - 13:00

7min Fitness Challenge, Cardio, Wellness Centre

A short and easy HIT workout for the whole body. 

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13:00 - 13:10

7min Fitness Challenge, Core, Wellness Centre

A short basic workout to strengthen your core. 

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13:10 - 13:20

7mins of Mindfulness, sponsored by Marsh

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13:15 - 14:00

Airmic Member Special Interest Group Meetings, by invitation

Choose one On Demand Session to view , watch the video first then join the Q&A after

14:00 - 15:15

B1: Excellence in major claims: expert perspectives on how to be effective (and the pitfalls!)

Resolving complex or high value claims can be challenging for policyholders and insurers. Understanding and collaboration are key to achieving success. Exploring best practice for making and handling claims, we will also follow a liability and property damage claim through from initial loss to the ultimate resolution of the claim.

Hosted by: Herbert Smith Freehills & HDI Global

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B2:Beyond Digital – making claims easier to manage using behavioural and data science in addition to technology

“Digital” is not the answer to everything. This session will explore how claims services are being redesigned to the needs of the risk manager using behavioural science, data insight, human expertise and technology. Live demonstrations and case studies will support the value in thinking beyond just “digital”.

Hosted by: Sedgwick

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B3: COVID-19 and climate change: Build back better

As we look forward from the pandemic, we have a chance at a clean, green and sustainable recovery that allows growth to return and gives businesses the chance to adapt. This session explores the interdependency of these risks and the importance of them in helping us to ‘build back better’.

Hosted by: Zurich

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B4: Managing through to the Next Normal: Mitigating the financial impact of Covid-19

How can risk managers support the financial health of their organisations?
  • Understand risk implications of financial management strategies
  • Recognise the impact of private, public, and social-sector decisions on risk financing arrangements
  • Exploit solutions to support financial resilience in forecasting, cash flow, liquidity and cost of risk reduction

Hosted by: Marsh

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B5: Is your employee your biggest risk?

COVID-19 raises questions for Risk Managers; how to effectively manage the risks you and your employees face? International SOS and Aviva present practical examples of measures to take and ideas to implement, to show that you manage the risks pro-actively, in a way that makes your employees feel truly valued.

Hosted by: Aviva & International SOS

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15:15 - 15:30

Live on the main stage - Closing note by Julia Graham, Deputy CEO and Technical Director

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